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Cyber attacks are one of the biggest risks facing businesses today, so companies must ensure they have robust IT security and comprehensive Cyber cover in place.

Our Cyber policy protects against the range of risks associated with digital technology and provides critical support in the event of a cyber attack.

Increasing risks

Today, every aspect of modern business relies heavily on information technology. Unfortunately, the more valuable data is handled digitally, the more incentive there is for cyber criminals – and the more exposed organisations are to the risks of network failure. Increasing legislation about an organisation’s responsibilities in the event of a cyber attack only adds to the burden for companies.

Broad cover

Our Cyber insurance provides wide-ranging cover you cannot get under any other type of policy, including Property, Liability and Commercial Crime policies. To make sure you are protected, our underwriters work closely with you to create cover that suits your specific needs.

At your service, 24 hours a day

We provide 24-hour a day access to help in the event of a cyber attack. We can help you work out how the cyber breach happened and fix the problem, restoring digital operations quickly and effectively. We can also help you manage your PR response to minimise any impact on your reputation. Other useful services include legal advice – particularly relating to fulfilling regulatory requirements – and ID monitoring after a financial theft.

Multinational capabilities

We have specialist Cyber underwriters across our offices in Europe, the UK and Canada who provide Cyber cover to companies all around the world. For companies with operations in multiple territories, we can write global Cyber programmes.